DIY: Embroidered Eye Mask

Eye mask

Hello! I promised more DIY and I am delivering! Part of the reason I’ve been so slow making new posts is that I had to move into a new room in my building. The room is super awesome and has a balcony and everything, but it gets literally the worst morning light known to man. I’ve been woken up at 8am or so every morning as a result, and I’m sick of it on days when I can sleep in. As a result, a face mask was in order.

All the face masks I’ve been able to find commercially are extremely fugly not really my style, so I decided it would be a good project to try out myself. While I’m not the best at sewing, I do kinda rock at embroidery, so I figured I could make a cool mask using basic embroidery techniques. Read on for instructions and patterns, both for the mask and the embroidery!

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Pattern Project: Cross-Stitch Program Round-up and Lil’ Bub Pattern

SUPER IMPORTANT UPDATE: I made this post a couple years ago and lamented Coricamo’s lack of a PDF, however I have found a way to make that happen! Use Coricamo in Chrome browser and “print” your file with the chosen chart type. Then in the print window choose “open PDF in preview” and voila, a PDF is generated than you can then save. I assume using Chrome in a Windows system will give a similar option (“open in windows photo” or something like that). With this awesome discovery I have to say that Coricamo REMAINS the best program and now gets a 10/10. Read on for the original article and the FULL breakdown of online charting programs, with links.

. . . . . . .

Hello all! As mentioned in my last post, I’ve been spending the nonexistant minimal free time I have had lately working on patterns for a replica of Jan Van Eyck’s Ghent altarpiece.

Yes, I’m a crazy person.

Now, a truly crazy person would chart the various panels by hand, but considering the level of detail and the size I ultimately want to use (about 1/3 the original 10 foot high scale), I decided the best way to create my charts was to use some sort of photo charting software. These programs aren’t perfect, but they are definitely probably better than what I can do by hand. As a result, I figured this week’s pattern project could be spent going through the various programs available and which one I think is the best using everyone’s favorite kitty, Lil’ Bub. NOTE: I have a Mac, so I will not be looking at PC specific programs (ie: PCStitch). If you have a PC, there are already plenty of articles about PCstitch and it’s obvious superiority, so go find that. If you have a Mac like me, read on after the jump!

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DIY: Heart Shaped Warm Rice Bag


HAPPY VALENTINES DAY ERRYONE! I know it’s a bit late to be presenting a present (geez bad wording self) to you all, but I think this one works because it is in many ways more of a present for yourself!

If you guys read my posts regularly you’ll know that I’m an idiot and almost destroyed my super stupid expensive computer with soda. Thankfully after a professional cleaning she’s totally fine save for a couple sticky keys, so yay! As a result of that disaster, however, I found myself with an excess of rice I was using to draw out the moisture in my laptop, and I don’t cook so . . . didn’t need rice. Also I’m not sure I’d want to eat sprite extracting rice anyway. . .

So! I decided to make a Rice Warming Bag since I like cozy things and it’s that heart timey time of year. Not only is this a great present for your sweetheart, but if you’re super lonely this Valentines day you can snuggle up to a warm cozy bag heart. Yeah!

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