DIY: Embroidered Eye Mask

Eye mask

Hello! I promised more DIY and I am delivering! Part of the reason I’ve been so slow making new posts is that I had to move into a new room in my building. The room is super awesome and has a balcony and everything, but it gets literally the worst morning light known to man. I’ve been woken up at 8am or so every morning as a result, and I’m sick of it on days when I can sleep in. As a result, a face mask was in order.

All the face masks I’ve been able to find commercially are extremely fugly not really my style, so I decided it would be a good project to try out myself. While I’m not the best at sewing, I do kinda rock at embroidery, so I figured I could make a cool mask using basic embroidery techniques. Read on for instructions and patterns, both for the mask and the embroidery!

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Bob Loblaw’s Law Blog (First Post Ya’ll)

I am not certain, but I believe this is my 5th attempt at blogging in less than 3 years. My longevity is obviously weak. I’ve been really busy.

But I realized something in this endeavor – to truly write a good blog, you need to write about what you love, not what you think others will love.

And what I love is making things.

Making things with string. Making things with yarn. With leather, with buttons, with spikes, with clay, with fabric, with wood, with anything I can get my hands on and cut up, cut out, paint, draw on, refashion, weave, whatever. I’m not a directed crafter, like some blogs which only post sewing or beading. And i’m not a “professional” crafter, like ‘art” craft blogs or self-promotional material. I hand-draft cross-stitch patterns at about the same rate as I buy them; I take just as much pleasure in silver-smithing jewelry and seed beading. I’m high brow taste with low brow giddiness. I like sewing little flower appliques on my jeans and decoupaging pictures of puppies on crappy cardboard boxes. As a result of these varied interests what you’ll see here will be as diverse as I’m feeling at the moment and may not always link up.

But I think that’s a good thing! Who wants to make one kind of thing forever, or not partake in the occasional A.C. Moore craft disaster? Why is imitating something you saw at a store less valid than inventing your own design when it’s only for yourself? The fact of the matter is, all forms of creation are valid, as long as you feel fulfilled and say “wow, I made that!” at the end of the day.

So here is what I propose to you new readers. I promise to write consistently, on all sorts of different ideas, show you amazing craft art while simultaneously showing you how to replicate that cute bracelet you saw selling for $150. I have a personal style that will show through I’m sure, but I promise to take your ideas, help you make whatever it is you desire, and communicate with you all as much as I can.

We will leave no medium un-touched, and will refuse to judge our own creations against what others think. We will conquer everything we can get our hands on, and blaze forward in whatever way we see fit. We will be . . . .