DIY: Custom Variegated Embroidery Thread Using Liquid Dye


In my last post I talked about how helpful making friendship bracelets has been for re-igniting my creativity after a block. I often find making¬†simple, more “crafty” things that give me great joy easily lead into other concepts that expand my creative arsenal. In this instance the bracelets gave me a great opportunity to explore how the DMC variegated line could work up. I have very quickly become obsessed with working in these threads as they allows you to cheat¬†easily create spontaneous texture and color shifts in your work. I’m not thrilled, however, at the limited range of colors in the DMC line and the one-tone-per-skein approach to variegation. Note: DMC does have a line of multi-color variegated thread as well, but unless your work calls for those specific hues you’re going to find that line limited as well.¬†

As a result I’ve spent the last few weeks exploring how DMC Cotton thread can be dyed and manipulated to create custom variegated blends with supercalifragilisticexpialidocious¬†solid results. Today I want to share what products I use to make these blends, how I go about doing it, and what you can do to get different effects in the process.

Read on if you’re interested in making your own custom thread colors!

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Quick Tip: How I Organize My Embroidery Thread Collection

How I Organize my Thread Collection

Hello All!

It’s been awhile since I posted like always because I’ve been working on a ton of personal projects. I have an awesome full time position as an Assistant, but my real passion has always been fiber art. Though I dabble in weaving and knitting, I work primarily in cross-stitch and embroidery. I feel like these forms are almost akin to painting with thread, and match my artistic sensibilities the best as a result of their varied applications.

I use primarily DMC cotton and like to have as much of the collection together as possible so I can start any project at a moment’s notice. This requires less storage and clutter than you may think, as long as you implement a good system. I’m going to share with you how I organize all my threads and other embroidery supplies, and hopefully inspire some organization in your own collection!

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Pattern Project: Cross-Stitch Program Round-up and Lil’ Bub Pattern

SUPER IMPORTANT UPDATE: I made this post a couple years ago and lamented Coricamo’s lack of a PDF, however I have found a way to make that happen! Use Coricamo in Chrome browser and “print” your file with the chosen chart type. Then in the print window choose “open PDF in preview” and voila, a PDF is generated than you can then save. I assume using Chrome in a Windows system will give a similar option (“open in windows photo” or something like that). With this awesome discovery I have to say that Coricamo REMAINS the best program and now gets a 10/10. Read on for the original article and the FULL breakdown of online charting programs, with links.

. . . . . . .

Hello all! As mentioned in my last post, I’ve been spending the nonexistant minimal free time I have had lately working on patterns for a replica of Jan Van Eyck’s Ghent altarpiece.

Yes, I’m a crazy person.

Now, a truly crazy person would chart the various panels by hand, but considering the level of detail and the size I ultimately want to use (about 1/3 the original 10 foot high scale), I decided the best way to create my charts was to use some sort of photo charting software. These programs aren’t perfect, but they are definitely probably better than what I can do by hand. As a result, I figured this week’s pattern project could be spent going through the various programs available and which one I think is the best using everyone’s favorite kitty, Lil’ Bub. NOTE: I have a Mac, so I will not be looking at PC specific programs (ie: PCStitch). If you have a PC, there are already plenty of articles about PCstitch and it’s obvious superiority, so go find that. If you have a Mac like me, read on after the jump!

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