“Crafter” of the Week: Nava Lubelski

Nava Lubelski - Yellow Cloth

Yellow Cloth, 2009, thread on stained tablecloth, 60″ x 50″

With this blog and with my work in general, I’ve continuously tried to show the connection between hand-craft and art. While the impetus and the ultimate goal of the creator can be different, the individual sense of expression and translation of emotion remains the same between the two disciplines. Ultimately it is this quality – the reflection of life’s circumstances into physical works – that leads to things I find appealing and filled with substance. As a result of this, when I find an artist who not only uses traditional craft methods in their work, but also uses their creations as a jumping board for individual exploration, I instantly fall in love with their work. Nava Lubelski is one such artist who has received an impressive amount of recognition, proving that I’m not the only one who values these qualities.

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“Crafter” of the Week: Bovey Lee


I’ve got another paper artist for you guys this week, artist Bovey Lee from Pittsburgh. It’s not surprising that I’ve discussed two paper artists in a row; while many crafts have yet to receive respect as modern art, paper cutting and crafting has quickly become popular in the art world. Since paper and two dimensional surfaces have been the crux of art for thousands of years, this makes a lot of sense. Unlike last week’s artist, however, Bovey Lee works entirely in 2-dimensional cuts rooted in Chinese calligraphy and attention to detail. I’ve been interested in Chinese rice paper cuts for years (I have a vintage one on my wall right now!) and it’s fascinating to see Lee take it to the next level.

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Pattern Project: Ribbon Heart for Valentine’s Day


WHAT TIME IS IT? It’s Valumtimes day! WHAT ARE WE GONNA GET? Several boys!

Alright that’s enough Homestar Runner References.

But in all serious it is Valentimes, which means it’s making gifts times when you’re a crafter. Some holidays don’t require DIY, but something about Valentines day implies a personal touch and love that only can come from a homemade gift. I bought my boyfriend a book this year since he’s very practical about gifts, so I lose DIY cred. I decided to make up for it by making him a little trinket to go along with the book, and Secret Life of a Bio Nerd’s ribbon heart DIY was perfect parts really cool looking and stupid difficult. It’s a fun project but let me warn you:

It’s literally the hardest thing ever ever ever. And it might not be worth it. Sooooo . . . let’s go!

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“Crafter” of the Week: Sarah Yakawonis


A lot of what I decide to do with crafting comes from the work of others. I know some people consider this to be less good than individual inspiration, but I’m an art historian.

Everyone’s been stealing everyone else’s stuff since about forever.

So while I don’t obviously copy anything, it is so inspiring to see how others have applied crafting ideas to art and personal creation. As a result, I’m gonna promote an artist a week here that I think relates art to crafting in a magnificent way. This week I’m promoting Sarah Yakawonis. This is her professional page and this is her Etsy, which is AWESOME because that means all this stuff is on sale man! Sarah makes art out of paper quilling, which if you don’t know is a really awesome way to create flat imagery with very thin pieces of paper and a slotted winding tool. You can take swirls of lightly glued paper and shape them into almost anything, as evidenced by Sarah’s amazingly diverse work.

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