DIY: Custom Variegated Embroidery Thread Using Liquid Dye


In my last post I talked about how helpful making friendship bracelets has been for re-igniting my creativity after a block. I often find making¬†simple, more “crafty” things that give me great joy easily lead into other concepts that expand my creative arsenal. In this instance the bracelets gave me a great opportunity to explore how the DMC variegated line could work up. I have very quickly become obsessed with working in these threads as they allows you to cheat¬†easily create spontaneous texture and color shifts in your work. I’m not thrilled, however, at the limited range of colors in the DMC line and the one-tone-per-skein approach to variegation. Note: DMC does have a line of multi-color variegated thread as well, but unless your work calls for those specific hues you’re going to find that line limited as well.¬†

As a result I’ve spent the last few weeks exploring how DMC Cotton thread can be dyed and manipulated to create custom variegated blends with supercalifragilisticexpialidocious¬†solid results. Today I want to share what products I use to make these blends, how I go about doing it, and what you can do to get different effects in the process.

Read on if you’re interested in making your own custom thread colors!

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Pattern Project: Beaded Bead


Yo dawg, I heard you like beads so I made a bead of beads so you can bead while you bead.

Yup, I’ve created incepti-bead. Well technically Beadaholique created it as one of their wonderful beading DIY videos. If you are a beader – especially a bead weaver – their DIY’s are just perfect. Check out the video tutorial for this lovely project, made using bicone crystals and a right angle weave. Move on past the jump for more photos and my thoughts on the project.

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