DIY: T-Shirt Palooza!!!!!!

T-Shirt Palooza!

So it’s summer time here in the great city of New York, and that means it gets HOT. Like boiling lava sticky yucko hot. It’s hard to look cute when you’re sweating the entire Hudson river out your armpits, but wearing light fabrics like cotton make a HUGE difference.

Enter the lowly t-shirt

The t-shirt is probably the best summer apparel you can find: it’s comfy, it’s light, and it can have anything you want on it. No other clothing item allows you to proclaim your love or hate for stuff so easily. Unfortunately for the fashion forward, it’s often tricky to find t-shirts that work well with the rest of your wardrobe and fit the feminine figure without making you look like a robot or box. Thus, I present to you the ULTIMATE pretty decent guide to t-shirt altering. What I’m showing may be simple, but I can guarantee that it’ll make your t-shirts look like cool Brandy Mellville apparel and not weird torn festival wear. I wanna be comfy in my t-shirt, but classy too! If you agree, read on for tips on cropping, dyeing, designing, and even how to make your favorite comfy sleep T into a cute summer dress!

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DIY: Embroidered Eye Mask

Eye mask

Hello! I promised more DIY and I am delivering! Part of the reason I’ve been so slow making new posts is that I had to move into a new room in my building. The room is super awesome and has a balcony and everything, but it gets literally the worst morning light known to man. I’ve been woken up at 8am or so every morning as a result, and I’m sick of it on days when I can sleep in. As a result, a face mask was in order.

All the face masks I’ve been able to find commercially are extremely fugly not really my style, so I decided it would be a good project to try out myself. While I’m not the best at sewing, I do kinda rock at embroidery, so I figured I could make a cool mask using basic embroidery techniques. Read on for instructions and patterns, both for the mask and the embroidery!

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DIY: Striped Moto (“Beetlejuice”) Pants

DIY Striped Moto Pants

GAH THIS POST TOOK FOREVER TO GET UP!!! I’m so sorry guys, I’ve been dealing with some crazy life stuff lately and FINALLY got around to photographing the finished product for this blog. This is probably one of my favorite DIY’s I’ve done yet, so I’m so excited to be sharing it with you! Awhile back I went shopping at stupidly overpriced TopShop in SoHo while my mother was visiting me here in NYC. I didn’t buy much because honestly I couldn’t get over how cheaply made a lot of the stuff was for how much it cost. Forever 21 quality for Banana Republic prices? Not my fave.

Anyway, while I was there I fell in love with a pair of striped “Moto” pants, which you can buy/see online here. I’ve always wanted a pair of striped “Beetlejuice” pants, and I liked the slightly worn look of these especially. Since black and white color combos are in this spring, they seemed like the perfect spring pants! I realized, however, that I already owned an old stained pair of white jeans, and for maybe $20 more I could make my own pair instead of shelling out a stupid $80 to TopShop. Hence, this tutorial was born. Read on for supplies and how to DIY your own awesome Spring pants.

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