DIY: Heart Shaped Warm Rice Bag


HAPPY VALENTINES DAY ERRYONE! I know it’s a bit late to be presenting a present (geez bad wording self) to you all, but I think this one works because it is in many ways more of a present for yourself!

If you guys read my posts regularly you’ll know that I’m an idiot and almost destroyed my super stupid expensive computer with soda. Thankfully after a professional cleaning she’s totally fine save for a couple sticky keys, so yay! As a result of that disaster, however, I found myself with an excess of rice I was using to draw out the moisture in my laptop, and I don’t cook so . . . didn’t need rice. Also I’m not sure I’d want to eat sprite extracting rice anyway. . .

So! I decided to make a Rice Warming Bag since I like cozy things and it’s that heart timey time of year. Not only is this a great present for your sweetheart, but if you’re super lonely this Valentines day you can snuggle up to a warm cozy bag heart. Yeah!

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DIY: Vintage Choker


When my grandmother moved into a nursing home many years ago I came into possession of a multitude of vintage buttons, sewing supplies, crewel work, and other various supplies. Out of all this, however, a box full of vintage ribbon was the most enticing. Mostly velvet, the box also contained lace and fancy embroidered ribbon. It took me awhile to figure out what to do with these since they were all comparatively short and too nice to use all at once. I wore them as waist belts for awhile before coming up with the idea of making 90s grunge style chokers. Somehow reminiscent of my morbid childhood and a specific story related to a young girls’ head being held on only by a ribbon, the chokers can be vintage, goth, or grunge depending on color and how you wear them. Plus they make your neck look super skinny.

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