Awkward Introductions

Well I’ve put this off long enough. I think it might be time to officially say hello to you all.

You may have noticed that this blog is more or less anonymous. This is intentional – I’ve never been comfortable attaching my name or face to anything, particularly anything online. I also struggle with anxiety, which can sometimes make conversation, conflict, and controversy very difficult – things that are very hard to avoid online. I keep my opinions to myself and keep my nose out of things, thank you very much. I don’t even use Facebook anymore, have never really figured out how Twitter works, and keep an Instagram almost entirely just to share stupid shit I see on the streets of Brooklyn and, as you’ll soon see, my hair, which is magnificent. No shame it really is. 

That being said – being anonymous has its problems too. Sure no-one can doxx you, but no-one is aware of you either, Your achievements and work float away into the ether without an owner, and any excitement that usually comes with success stays stuck in the confines of your screen. Im proud of what I make, but being anonymous always makes it seem less real or important and can even make me feel kind of ashamed of myself, which is stupid since making arm tables and cross-stitches is far from shameful.

It’s actually a real drag. 

And so, with immense fear and almost immediate regret, it’s time to introduce myself.

After the cut.

Photo on 12-10-15 at 3.30 PM.jpg

Even when committing I picked the photo where most of me is covered up, baby steps. 

So hello! That’s me up there ^. My name as far as the internet is concerned  is J Catherine. As you guys may know from past posts, I’m an artist, an assistant at an arts Institution in Brooklyn (bet you can guess which one), and a lover of pink hair. The hair thing is new to readers of this blog – I have REALLY pink hair.

Photo on 12-12-16 at 4.08 PM.jpg

like, REALLY pink 

I have an awesome and fulfilling job, and one of my favorite parts of working in a creative place is that I can have fun with what I wear and how I look, which is another reason I wanted to go public – so I can share some of my outfits and fashion and hair stuff with you all. It’s a huge part of who I am and I don’t share it often.

Something else I don’t share a lot here because of my previous anonymity is my actual artwork. I love making things and DIY, but the bulk of what I work on is fiber art and jewelry, which are often one and the same. You can see a partly finished full piece in that first photo, and right now  I’ve been doing a series of cross-stitched pendants and collars which will eventually migrate to an Etsy shop.


I know, I like pink, get over it. 

Now all of this isn’t to say that this blog is gonna become a fashion blog or only show all art all the time. I’m mostly going to use this space to talk about process, ideas, personal growth, and other silly projects I work on that aren’t really my “art” but that I still find immense joy and fulfillment from making – like things for my house, traditional fiber crafts, and eventually hopefully some cosplay and prop building, which is another huge part of me I haven’t spoken a lot about here.

If you want to keep updated on my more traditionally “fine” art, however, I am also linking this blog to my website which is updated frequently with work. I’m by no means a professional and make basically no money off my work, but someday I do hope to sell some stuff through Etsy, so keep an eye out for a post on that too.

Before my heart explodes from anxiety  I get too ahead of myself I think I’m gonna call this post done. I’m nervous but thrilled to finally say hello to you all, and hope many more great posts are on the way.

And finally, in a time where MANY of us are feeling vulnerable and scared, I hope you can use my bravery to fuel your own, and I hope you all remember to keep conquering not only those things that scare you, but also all the things that make you uniquely, superbly, terrifically kick-ass.

Go find your pink.


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