DIY: Embroidered Eye Mask

Eye mask

Hello! I promised more DIY and I am delivering! Part of the reason I’ve been so slow making new posts is that I had to move into a new room in my building. The room is super awesome and has a balcony and everything, but it gets literally the worst morning light known to man. I’ve been woken up at 8am or so every morning as a result, and I’m sick of it on days when I can sleep in. As a result, a face mask was in order.

All the face masks I’ve been able to find commercially are extremely fugly not really my style, so I decided it would be a good project to try out myself. While I’m not the best at sewing, I do kinda rock at embroidery, so I figured I could make a cool mask using basic embroidery techniques. Read on for instructions and patterns, both for the mask and the embroidery!

Difficulty: medium to hard (depending on how you embroider)

Time: 1-2 hours

Cost: ~ $10



One fat quarter of a soft but sturdy cloth, like thick felt, and one fat quarter of cotton, in any color.

– Stretchy cord or band

– Needle and thread (or sewing machine) and pins

– Decorative thread and an embroidery needle

– Small embroidery hoop


– My mask and embroidery patterns:

Mask Embroidery


1. Print out the eye mask pattern or draft your own. To make your own, measure the distance between your eyes and make sure to add space around. An easy way to do this is take a pair of glasses or sunglasses and use that measurement for eye/head width. Look up pictures of eye masks and copy a shape you like. Make sure to add 1/2 inch seam allowance.

Drafting pattern

2. Cut one cotton and one felt/soft cloth using pattern. If wrinkled, iron fabric first. If you want to embroider the entire mask and not just the middle, do this step after embroidering. Also cut a piece of stretchy cord long enough to wrap around your head and meet the sides of the mask snugly. Make sure to cut ends a bit long since they will be sewn into the mask. I ended up using a little over 1 foot.

Patterns Cut

3. Embroider the front using the pattern given or your own. I drafted the pattern to fit a standard small oval hoop, which fits just the middle of my mask. If you want to embroider the whole thing, get a hoop big enough to fit the entire mask, embroider, then cut out mask pattern. Don’t embroider the soft cloth since that will touch your eyes – OUCH. For my pattern, use a simple backstitch to follow the lines. Since this pattern is embroidered after cutting the fabric, use some glue around the edges to keep them from fraying. When finished, remove from the hoop and iron flat, being careful if you used a non-fabric glue to set edges.


IMG_1931 IMG_1932

5. Sew the embroidered cotton and soft fabric together, insides facing. When pinning, pin the stretchy cord in between the layers, with a bit poking out the sides. The pictures should help clear this up, but remember that you must place the band in-between the layers so that it is on the outside when the project is turned inside out. Make sure not to twist the band so it is flat when finished. Leave about a 1 inch hole at the top for turning. When finished sewing, turn inside out.

IMG_1936 IMG_1940

6. Iron piece flat, then close up opening by hand. I tend to like making a decorative edge since I don’t like the look of plain seams, so I sewed a back stitch around the edge. This kind of made the mask messy, but gave it a bit of character which I like. If you don’t want to do this, just close the seam using an invisible whip stitch, like you would in making a pillow or plushie.


That’s it!

If you want to add more embellishment you can, just remember that the back will touch your eyes and so should be soft and comfortable. This thing has made a world of difference with my morning sun, so hopefully it improves your sleepy time as well!

I hope to have some updates on my personal projects up soon for you guys; right now I’m just trying to brave this heat wave we are having in NYC!!! BLECH! Buying an a/c today!

Have fun in the sun lovelies, and remember to always . . .

Keep Conquering!

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