“Crafter” of the Week: Linda aka Eponases


I’ve obviously been quite a bit lax on my blogging lately, but I have a good excuse.

I’ve been sucked into the vortex of hell by a great beast named. . . .FINALS.

Yup, as a college student this time of year really loves to eat up and spit out any of your non-academic loves which unfortunately includes crafting for me. But as I type I have to say It feels good to be writing again, even if no-one listens. I think as a creator in the internet era it is crucial to write and share about what you do since real inspiration and support comes from our community. Unfortunately, I often find blogs and artists who seem so promising, but who have left the community seemingly forever, leaving us all sadder for it.  Regardless of if they have dissipated, I continue to be amazed by the work of others who continue to be appreciated by the general public, and a wonderful artist that has caught my eye recently is Eponases, otherwise on her blog named simply “Linda.” She is an amazing geek crafter, focusing on needlepoint, from Latvia. Read on to see more of her painstaking work and perhaps be inspired to paint with thread yourself.


Perhaps the most incredible work on Eponases’ site – and the work that has brought her the most attention – is the Pokemon First Generation banner. This wonderful lady managed to find something she wanted to tackle and actually tackle it, no easy feat! As an avid cross-stitcher myself, I have to say it is that last step that is the most incredible. Anyone can spend a pleasant afternoon creating a pattern for something it would be nice to make, very few actually go through with it. And of all the cross-stitch pipe-dreams, this is perhaps the most magnificent and more so for its success. Eponases notes it took her 8 months to complete, which seems about right. Her posts on this and other works have little text explaining the work, but I think the images speak for themselves.


Perhaps my favorite aspect of her website is the little percent meter at the side chronicling how far she is on various projects. Could someone tell me how to do this on my wordpress? it’s so clever I could cry. Right now she is farthest along on “Madeline After Prayer,” a Medieval style cross-stitch pattern that stills my art history heart. Since I’ve been working on my own pattern pipe dream – a cross-stitched Ghent Altarpiece – seeing someone completing something similar is just lovely. While she did not draft this pattern herself based on the posts, the detail and artistry is still just amazing. Here’s the pattern, good lord.

Sadly, Eponases has not posted since 2012. As I’ve been curating these artists for my blog, I’ve found many similar cases of crafters gone rogue, creating beautiful works for awhile before leaving the blogging world entirely. I hope wherever she is Eponases is still creating such amazing works, and hopefully I will have similarly fantastic cross-stitched patterns to show you soon.

If you are a crafter or blogger don’t stop! Dead blogs like this are far too tragic. It is important always to remember –


3 thoughts on ““Crafter” of the Week: Linda aka Eponases

  1. Don’t worry – I am still active! I have been out of the country for a bit, although I’ve still been working on Madeline. I’ll post an update soon – I just didn’t want my blog to turn into Madeline-spam, hiding all of the other content, since it’s going to take years to complete!

    I like your blog 🙂


    1. Wow thanks for the reply! I’ll be super excited to see your progress; honestly I wouldn’t mind progress spam, haha! Thanks for liking my blog, it’s still a baby but it’s starting to grow.

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