Pattern Project: Fail Edition


Sometimes, as a crafter, things go horribly wrong don’t work out the way you planned. There is a reason Pinterest Fail and the multiple blogs like it are some of my favorite. The internet isn’t filled with perfect experts – sometimes something that worked well for one person doesn’t work well for everyone. As a craft blogger this is a bit self-deprecating, but truly is the truth. Sometimes I screw up. This was one of those times. Enter – the gilded jar project.

il_570xN_298507977 IMG_1733

Alright so it’s not that bad. But c’mon. obviously this was not even slightly what I was looking for. So let’s take this post as an example of what not to do in projects – namely  change it for your own purposes. Do what the instructions tell you guys. For real. Here’s why.


This whole thing started with a used up Bath and Bodyworks candle I wanted to use the jar of. It was a lovely “fireside” smell and definitely  cozy-ed me through the winter. Somehow in that process, however, the jar got totally destroyed. The label began to melt off from the heat of the candle and my covering the candle to extinguish without spreading smoke (and setting off my apartment’s alarm) stained the inside. I had planned to use Aunt Peaches’ candle cleaning tutorial which is REALLY helpful for extra waxy candles, but since Bath and Bodyworks’ candles are pretty oily, the wax just slipped out of the jar with a knife.


So far so good. I melted the wax into a little pot (that stuff smells waaaaay too good to throw out) and scrubbed off the label with some Goo Gone. I HATE sticky things for basically no apparent reason, and so this part kind of sucked. Trust me though, if you hate stickers and that gross sticker residue like me, Goo Gone is your savior. Takes it all right off. The next photo shows the glass without the bottom sticker, but I scrubbed that off too. Bonus points for whoever can guess what I’m watching in the background!!!!

. . .

(It’s the Fellowship of the Ring. Second use of LoTR in my blog. I’m so cool)


So now that I had this lovely jar, I really wanted to try A Bit of Bees Kness’ DIY Puffy Paint jar tutorial. It seemed so simple and elegant and reminded me of henna hand art pattern. I’ve been dying my hair with henna for the last 4 years and I love the look of henna patterns.

Now here’s where I made my vital error.


The original tutorial calls for metallic puffy paint, the kind you can find at most craft stores which comes in the little bottles with the tiny nozzles. This allows the intricacy of the sample designs and gives the effect of gilding. Since I’m an idiot a contrarian, I thought it would be unique to use these pastel glitter glues. I thought it might give the jar a tumblr inspired vapor-wave color palette and give them a modern look. What I didn’t realize, however, was that the glue had a large nozzle, little color payoff, and did not want to stick to the jar at all. I could barely get a pattern at all, let alone a nice elegant intricate one. It desperately wanted to get all over my table instead of the jar, and the whole thing was just a mess.


In the end I still used the jar as my desk-catch-all (I needed a jar, style be damned) The lesson here is – when they say use a specific supply, use the specific supply. Don’t be clever or cheap out – or at least if you do test it first so your project doesn’t come out like a middle schooler made it. And not like those super crazy talented middle schoolers who make you question your life choices. Like the normal ones.

I hope you guys enjoyed my crafty failings this post! I think I’ll stick to what I know in the future, and avoid dollar store craft supplies.

So learn from my mistakes and remember, keep conquering!

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