What’s Up With Stuff: Print Update

Hello all! I don’t have much to update on as far as my own work goes as I’ve been busy as crap otherwise occupied, but if you recall in my last “What’s Up With Stuff?” post I had some unfinished woodcut blocks to show you. Well now I have the actual pretty prints all done! Here’s the photos; info about the concept after the jump!



The assignment for these works was a self portrait diptych (yes, derivative and boring I know) to be interpreted in any way possible. For those of you who know me IRL (OMG INTERNET SPEAK), you know that Medieval art and my tenuous relationship with the Catholic church tends to be one of my informers in both art and research. Being a Medievalist art historian is a major part of who I am, and growing up uncomfortably with the Catholic church as part of my family’s history has been a mental struggle for much of my life. As a result, these works served to play with those frustrations, depicting myself as a small, frail figure attacked by the confusions of the church (in the form of St. Jerome’s desert demons) while simultaneously searching for something to believe (shown in the Hodegetria Mary – missing her accompanying Christ child). There’s obviously a lot more mental humbo-jumbo in all this, but the basic concept came through pretty well I think!

The photos are decent quality so feel free to zoom in to see the cutting details. For my first attempt at cutting wood, I think it came out pretty dang swell.

Keep checking back here as I will have a “crafter” of the week up tonight or tomorrow. I’m also thinking about what DIY to do this week – either man’s t-shirt to crop top conversion, shrinky-dink gothic bracelet, or skeleton print tights. Any opinions? Please let me know; I love feedback! You can also send me comments and pictures to my Facebook page, linked in the side bar. I’m working on getting my blog-related tumblr and pinterest up somewhere here, so check back for that!

Anyhoo, I hope wherever you are is nicer than rainy gloomy Brooklyn today. Check back for crafty fun and remember, keep conquering!

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