DIY: Heart Shaped Warm Rice Bag


HAPPY VALENTINES DAY ERRYONE! I know it’s a bit late to be presenting a present (geez bad wording self) to you all, but I think this one works because it is in many ways more of a present for yourself!

If you guys read my posts regularly you’ll know that I’m an idiot and almost destroyed my super stupid expensive computer with soda. Thankfully after a professional cleaning she’s totally fine save for a couple sticky keys, so yay! As a result of that disaster, however, I found myself with an excess of rice I was using to draw out the moisture in my laptop, and I don’t cook so . . . didn’t need rice. Also I’m not sure I’d want to eat sprite extracting rice anyway. . .

So! I decided to make a Rice Warming Bag since I like cozy things and it’s that heart timey time of year. Not only is this a great present for your sweetheart, but if you’re super lonely this Valentines day you can snuggle up to a warm cozy bag heart. Yeah!

Yeah I seem to have forgotten to take a supply pic. SOWWY!


– Pattern (I was going to upload a pattern, but my scanner isn’t working. Make sure you have a pencil and paper and I’ll explain how to make the pattern)

– Fabric (A pattern you like and a plain color for the lining. I used brain fabric. YAY BRAIN HEART!)

– Thread, needle, and pins (or a sewing machine if you’re cool)

– Rice (~ 1 pnd to 2 pnds, depending on the size. Mine ended up taking about 2, and rice is cheap, so better safe than sorry.)

The fabric I got is from Spoonflower btw, which is a really cool website for quirky patterned fabric. They are a little bit expensive for larger projects, but perfect for little things like this.


Step 1: Make your pattern! If you’re not so good at drawing find a picture of a heart online and print it out. Otherwise, just draw it yourself! A tip for drawing hearts is to draw one side first, cut just that side out, than fold over and trace to make two identical halves! In either case, once you have the outline of a heart make sure to draw an inside line for a slightly smaller heart as well as seam lines for both. Your bigger heart’s seam line will probably be the outer edge of the little heart. My picture might help explain this.


Step 2: Go ahead and cut out your pattern along the outside edge. Trace two onto the wrong side of your patterned fabric and cut the hearts out. USE GOOD SCISSORS! I’ve learned this the hard way so many times. Also tip: if your fabric is wrinkly iron it first. It’ll save you a lot of annoyance.



Step 3: To cut out the smaller heart you have two options. You can cut out the smaller part of your pattern, or if you want to save the pattern you can poke holes around the perimeter and trace to transfer a dot pattern onto your fabric. Either way, trace and cut two inner halves.


Step 4: Pin your inside halves together, rights sides facing. Sew the two sides together with a straight stitch at your seam allowance line (1/2 to 1/4 inch), leaving an opening about 2 inches.

Step 5: Repeat with outer heart fabric, leaving the opening in the same place.


Step 6: Turn your hearts inside out (whoa that sounds deep man). It might help to cut v’s into your curves to make the hearts flatter before you do this. Then place the inner pocket into the outer pocket. This is really tricky! If you have trouble use a pen or spoon handle to shove the right parts into the right parts (also a lovemaking tip). Make sure the openings line up.


Step 7: Fill the inner bag with rice. Use a funnel if you have one, but I do not have one. If you are in my shoes here, just be careful and pour slowly. Reposition the heart as you pour to fill all the areas and make it look good. Once you’re content with its fullness (ayoo) whip stitch the inner bag closed. It should be full but not bursting.


Step 8: To close the outer opening, fold in into itself and pin like the picture to blend the seam into the rest of your sewing. You can then close this with a blind stitch, however I like to add a little extra flair and sew around the entire perimeter to make a nice decorative edge.Image


And that’s it! Microwave about 1 to 2 minutes to make your rice nice and toasty, and cuddle up to your heart. This gift is sure to warm the inside one too 🙂

I hope you all had a LOVELY Valentine’s day! And I hope the night is just as good, Ayoo! ;D


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