Pattern Project: Ribbon Heart for Valentine’s Day


WHAT TIME IS IT? It’s Valumtimes day! WHAT ARE WE GONNA GET? Several boys!

Alright that’s enough Homestar Runner References.

But in all serious it is Valentimes, which means it’s making gifts times when you’re a crafter. Some holidays don’t require DIY, but something about Valentines day implies a personal touch and love that only can come from a homemade gift. I bought my boyfriend a book this year since he’s very practical about gifts, so I lose DIY cred. I decided to make up for it by making him a little trinket to go along with the book, and Secret Life of a Bio Nerd’s ribbon heart DIY was perfect parts really cool looking and stupid difficult. It’s a fun project but let me warn you:

It’s literally the hardest thing ever ever ever. And it might not be worth it. Sooooo . . . let’s go!


The basic unit of the heart are these little square pointy thingies. As you can see mine are. . . less than perfect. But I did the best I can darnit. A big tip in making these guys is that you’ll need a pair of tweezers or pliers to pull the ribbons through all the little slits. She only uses them for the assembling part, but you seriously need them for the majority of the steps. Image

The other really crazy terrible totally awesome part of this project is one you’ve spent about 45 minutes making one of these units, you learn that you need to make 14 of then.

Four. Teen.


The more you make the easier they get, so it ends up not being that bad. But it’s still gonna take you about 3 or 4 hours to make them all. So be prepared. Maybe cut all the strips first, pop on the extended version of Lord of the Rings and just weave for awhile.


The putting together part was probably the easiest part, but it requires a fair amount of patience. Well the entire thing does. But you know. I liked putting it together because it was  just really satisfying to do all that work and see the heart begin to form. It’s sort of like a magic trick, and I love projects that come together at the last second like that.Image

And that’s about it! It came out really nice, but I think thicker ribbon might make it bigger and a bit nicer. Also I wish I had the nice shiny red ribbon SLoaBN had, but I’m limited to Brooklyn 99 cent store wares. So yeah. Small white heart is nice as well. My boyfriend really liked it and put it on his computer, which is like his baby, so he put my heart on his baby.

Ew wait that’s weird. nvm we’re done here.

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