“Crafter” of the Week: Sarah Yakawonis


A lot of what I decide to do with crafting comes from the work of others. I know some people consider this to be less good than individual inspiration, but I’m an art historian.

Everyone’s been stealing everyone else’s stuff since about forever.

So while I don’t obviously copy anything, it is so inspiring to see how others have applied crafting ideas to art and personal creation. As a result, I’m gonna promote an artist a week here that I think relates art to crafting in a magnificent way. This week I’m promoting Sarah Yakawonis. This is her professional page and this is her Etsy, which is AWESOME because that means all this stuff is on sale man! Sarah makes art out of paper quilling, which if you don’t know is a really awesome way to create flat imagery with very thin pieces of paper and a slotted winding tool. You can take swirls of lightly glued paper and shape them into almost anything, as evidenced by Sarah’s amazingly diverse work.


Her work comprises of pop-culture references (including the majestic Ron Swanson at the start of the this post) and anatomical/naturalistic images. The level of quality, color use, and sheer multitude (she has SO MUCH on her Etsy!) is just phenomenal. And guess what guys, here’s the best part.


If you didn’t know (why would you know? you guys don’t actually know me. derp) I grew up in Scarborough Maine, a mere 10 minute drive from Portland where I spent the majority of my young-in days trolling around her snowy cobbled streets. UGH so majestic sounding right? Of course such a lovely beautiful artist would come from Portland!


As would make sense, Sarah graduated from the fine institution of Maine College of Art in 2009. Amazingly, according to her website, her focus was not fine arts, but in fact graphic design. This definitely shows through in her posters, but her large scale works are so balanced and lovely I can’t imagine not having that background. Sarah was for a long time creating a really neat daily blog with sketches and ideas, however it seems this is now in hiatus.


So go check out Sarah’s work, and buy some if you can. There really isn’t anything like 3-D wall art. Its simply divine. Plus you’d be supporting local Maine artists and that’s a damn fine thing to support. 

Plus, who wouldn’t want to buy something from this lovely gal: 


Disclaimer: All images in the post copyright Sarah Yakawonis. I am promoting her because she is awesome 🙂 

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