What’s Up With Stuff? Intro to my Big Projects

Hello! Sorry I’ve been away for so long – two weeks in and I’m already behind schedule! If you’ve been following my blog you’ll see I made a post about why this is last week, the long and the short of it being that I’m an idiot and spilled Sprite on my computer. She’s not dead, but she’s still in the shop and somehow I have less enthusiasm to write since the event. BUT seeing how I’ve already abandoned all a few of my New Year’s Resolutions, I figured I could try and keep this up, disasters be damned!


On any average day I can name about 10 or 15 different large scale projects I’m currently working on. I love starting new things, but I’m terrible at finishing them. I think a lot of multi-media crafters have this problem since every new project just looks so shiny and different and OOH PRETTY COLORS!

It’s hard to stay focused.

As a result, I started keeping a list of my projects and limiting myself to one media type at a time, including my school work. I’ve created categories for yarn, clay, needlepoint, metals, jewelry/beading, fine arts, sewing, paper craft, and miscellaneous. This ends up pretty much covering everything and gives me plenty to do any any one time. I’m going to show you some of my long term projects here, and we’ll probably continue to look at them as they move along each week.

ImageThe last couple photos in this post have been one of my biggest projects at the moment as well as my current fine arts project. I’m taking a class in relief and decided to make a diptych woodcut which deals with my personal religious conflicts with Catholicism and the church. I’m not a religious person, but I’m a Medieval art historian coming from a very Catholic family, so its a very conflicting subject for me and provided a great base for this project. The larger print depicts a self portrait as St. Jerome in the desert tempted by the demons while the second unfinished block will be a Virgin Hodegetria with personal elements involved. Woodcutting ended up being really fun even though I almost lost all my fingers  it was really hard. Woodcutting is a really easy process to do at home, so if you guys want a woodcutting and printing tutorial, I definitely can do that! I’ll post some more pictures here of the un-inked (unfinished) blocks, and when I’ve got some nice prints we’ll have some high quality photos for you guys.


ImageSince this is school work it’s been the major focus of my attention, but there are two other projects that I’ve been plugging away at for an embarrassing amount of time. Believe it or not, they are Christmas projects. 

Like I said, I’m easily distracted.

One is just a pre-made santa stocking pattern for embroidery that I’ve been working on for quite awhile and really have no time frame on. I’d like to get it done, but since it’s not my pattern and it’s not for anyone specific, I’m gonna take my sweet time.

This is Janlynn pattern #023-0340, Father Winter Stocking 


Finally – this is the really embarrassing update – I am still working on Christmas presents.

Man this blog is just such a closet of failures.

Yeah, I had a really rough end of session last semester and so ran out of time for presents for my four closest friends. I’ve been making them little crocheted amigurimi from the amazing book Creepy Cute Crochet by Christen Haden, aka NeedleNoodles. Her blog is filled with wonderful adorable patterns I highly recommend you try out!

So anyway, thankfully I have very understanding friends who were surprised to be getting presents at all, so they are patiently waiting for me to finish up their cute little dudes. I have one done at the moment, and he looks pretty good.

I’ll get there when I get there.


So that’s it for now! I have a lot more projects, and I’ll inform you if I think it’s interesting.

But mostly none of it’s all that interesting.

What IS interesting, however, are my future posts and DIY projects! I have two heart themed projects coming your way in the next week (hopefully) so please subscribe and stay tuned!

. . .

Man I need a better ending for these things.


One thought on “What’s Up With Stuff? Intro to my Big Projects

  1. hi – I found your page when looking for the father winter kit. I’ve just about completed one but the top portion of the pattern has disappeared. All I need is the detailing, and I would have bought a new kit if I could but it’s out of stock. Would you be so kind as to share the top part with me so I can finish?

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