What’s Up With Stuff: Disaster Edition

After a wonderful start to this blogging thing you may have noticed I flew away for quite some time. Since a personal project/life update is the next post I mentioned I’d provide to you all, this seems a good a time as any to explain why I’ve been away.


It’s all this jerk’s fault

I generally blog from a 2011 Macbook Pro, which I’ve had for a little over a year and a half. This thing is literally my entire life. I wrap it up in 50 shirts (plus a case) when I travel. I check it weekly for bugs and software problems. I never place it on a non-flat surface. I sacrifice my firstborn child to it. 

You get the idea. 

However, I am also a college student, which means the space in my life is limited. As a result my one and only desk serves as a work space, a computer desk, and a kitchen table. And seeing how I have a bad habit of eating in front of the TV and my computer is my TV, I tend to eat in front of my computer. This situation was not made to last. 

About four days ago, after a kick-ass run (3.5 miles woo!) I came home super pumped but with a lot of homework to do. Having had a productive day, I asked my boyfriend to bring me a Sprite because I deserved a treat dammit. Now, this was not without some forethought, as it would basically ruin my workout to guzzle down a sugary drink, but I really wanted that soda, even if it was bad for me.

Let’s just say Karma is definitely a thing. 

As usual, I drank my sprite while using my computer and doing reading for class. This combined with some sort of rant to my boyfriend about how I should have done this work like a week ago but some dumb chick stole my book but I kept procrastinating and . . .




Yup. Sprite spilled all over my computer. My nerves did a Yoko Ono on my heart and I could feel it breaking up inside me. I have never been more terrified in my life. My baby was dying, and all I could do was stare at it like an idiot. I’m a terrible mother.

Thankfully I have a more tech savvy and level headed boyfriend who lept up and grabbed my laptop from me, turning it upside down to get the sprite out (all over my nice rug, jerk) and wipe it all off the keyboard. He tried to see if it was working while I literally just stood there like an idiot screaming WHAT DO WE DO?!?!?!? WHAT DO WE DO?!?!?

I’m so helpful.

Eventually after calming down we propped the now turned off computer in a drying state and, after way too much Google diagnostics and warranty reviewing, decided the best thing to do would be to open it up and clean any sticky Sprite off the inside of the machine, seeing how liquid damage probably voided my warrantee anyway. We waited a day and, after some intense Macbook ER surgery, lots of q-tips, and a full keyboard overhaul, the thing seemed to be working perfectly.

It was a Christmas miracle.

Of course it ended up not being that simple and the thing decided it wanted to get stuck in sleep mode for a whole night (cue second mental breakdown).  After waiting a day to restart and resetting the PRAM (which happens to be my new favorite computer word) it worked fine. We’re taking it to Apple just to make sure there isn’t any devious Sprite waiting to gnaw away at my motherboard, and so I’m writing this on my boyfriend’s spare computer which I actually kind of like way more than mine even though its from 2008.  I took some pictures of what I’m working on right now in craft world so I can make a real What’s Up With Stuff? post today or tomorrow, but in the meantime you can enjoy this story of my complete stupidity and inability to deal with life.

I’m just a bundle of fun guys.


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